Your way to shape The Forest with contests, art, and more!

The best part of Electric Forest is found in things we build and experience with each other – and Electric Forest’s Plug In Program is your opportunity to build something even bigger.

Through art and community projects, campsite décor contests and new adventures of all kinds, the experience of The Forest can be an inspiration to offer your magic to the world. Growing together is important to us. Everything each member of the Forest Family does, big or small, shapes the festival. The Electric Forest Plug In Program is growing in this spirit, with many ways for you to jump in and touch The Forest in ways you’ve been dreaming about.

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2015 Programs

2015 Group Hug World Record Attempt

On Friday, June 26th, 2015 at 2:30 in the afternoon, Electric Forest will attempt to break the World Record for the Largest Group Hug.

Current record: 10,554 participants

Electric Forces 2015

Military Veterans are invited to join the Forest Family through a build crew or workshop program!

Applications due April 19th!

Hoop Troupe 2015

The annual tradition of the Hoop Troupe selects hoopers from around the world to perform in The Forest!

Submissions due April 12th!

Playlist Submissions 2015

With so many artists booked each year, you can help fellow Foresters discover fresh sonic bliss.

Active now through may 31st!

The Untz Challenge VI

A call for up and coming electronic music producers to perform at Electric Forest and 8 other festivals this summer!

Voting ends April 17th!

Forest Amplifier Program 2015

Spread the word of The Forest for excellent karma and a chance to win a wristband to 2015!

Active now through May 31st!

UnMEDIAted Photographer Auditions 2015

The unMEDIAted Photographer Program is an open audition for the 2015 Electric Forest Photo Crew.


Monarch Program 2015

Each year, a Queen or King of The Forest is selected to bring their big idea for The Forest to life!

Submissions Processing!

Installation Sponsorship 2015

Each year, art installation teams apply to build their idea for The Forest, and one dream becomes reality.

Submissions processing!

Sticker Design 2015

Design an official sticker for Electric Forest 2015!

Winner Announced!

Forest Fiction 2015

A call for foresters who write fiction to tell a “Choose Your Own Adventure” tale!

Debuted January 2015

Ultimate Camp Contest 2015

Selected for green and scene, The Ultimate Camp is awarded tickets to next year’s event. Start planning your camp theme today!

Debuts May 2015

Instrumental Forester 2015

An up-and-coming band or solo acoustic act is awarded the opportunity to perform in The Forest!

Debuts April 2015

Past Programs

The Great American Talent Show 2014

Forest Mayoral candidate W.C. Thornbush hereby declares the Great American Talent Show!

Dome of Dance 2014

Electric Forest and Collaboraction present the 3rd annual DOME OF DANCE TOURNAMENT: 2 dance battlers enter, 1 remains…..a dance battle tournament inside a geodesic dome.

Kyle Hollingsworth’s Brewru Experience 2014

Get brewing and send us a video tour of your set up and a recipe for your favorite brew.

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