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2013 Ultimate Camps

Jun. 20th, 2013

Congratulations to the 2013 Ultimate Camps!

Read about them here, and visit them on Forest Lane in GA Camping.


The theme and inspiration behind our camp are the countless, glowing jellyfish that we encounter every year at the Forest, especially at the String Cheese sets.
Our camp will hopefully provide another hangout spot like last year. We hope to hold drum circles around/inside the dome every morning, for those eager to participate; we would provide a soothing environment with relaxing music for the late-night/early morning freaks! :-)

Camp Palm Tree

Our camp will provide a relaxed, tropical atmosphere that is inclusive and welcoming to all festival goers. We are Team Palm Tree, and we mostly met at festivals. We are very diverse. We are composed of people from across the US. We have members that are gay and straight and from all different backgrounds. We hope that any stranger walking by would feel compelled to come over and say hello and relax under our giant palm tree.
I think our camp’s main attraction will be our beach volleyball net. We can set it up and anybody would be welcome to stop by for a pickup game.

Kandi Land

For the community, at Camp Kandi Land we will provide not only a large scale life size version of the Candyland board game that we all loved as a child, but also kandi bracelets (free to take) that are themed to correspond to each section of the board game. At Camp Kandi Land we’ll be keeping the peace, love, unity, and respect alive! Our lovely guests will be welcomed to join in on our life sized game – or they can just kick back and watch and enjoy the breath taking Kandi Land itself!

The Feel Good Collective

Aloha! We call our crew The Lady Morphos. We’re a family of five soul sisters with the goal of spreading happiness and enlightenment. At Electric Forest, we plan to set up a “Feel Good” camp with an array of activities, art installations, ‘workshops’, and Zen.
Our mission, as it exists today, is to spread love and happiness on every level possible, physical, emotional, & even cellular. We have been to our fair share of festivals and have had much time to observe. They usually are very positive experiences, however we also we recognize that the opposite can occur. We have seen how people can easily feel overwhelmed by the intense surroundings and energy of festival life. These circumstances can contribute to people feeling too fearful to reach out when they need actual help or even just when they need a comforting friend. Our goal is to provide festival goers with the ultimate feel good – cozy – positive – judgement free – “home” space that they can go to when they feel overwhelmed, want to make some cool friends, or come learn some fresh knowledge that they can take away with them and enhance their path to enlightenment.

Virtuous Visuals

We have been so excited for this contest for months now! As soon as we heard about it we immediately started to come up with ideas. We have decided to do a “visual theme camp!” Providing countless amounts of layered handmade deco for all of the other festival goers to take some time out of their day and experience some intense patterns, color combinations, textures and of course an all welcoming atmosphere! We wanted to do something unique and outgoing, not something that people see at every festival/rave/show they go to. Our 30 foot teepee will be covered in stretch deco, patchwork banner flags and plenty of LED wire lights to add that special “glow” effect! All people are welcome in this family friendly environment. We will be providing a relaxing environment and bringing a slice of our home and life from Virginia to share with everyone at Electric Forest!

The Gypsy Fairy Camp

The central focus of the Gypsy Fairy Camp is connecting to the mind, body and spirit and providing a magical space where people can meet, connect, and find their long lost gypsy fairy family! For those needing relaxation, centering and healing, our Reiki and yogi practitioners will lead groups. Our ecstatic dance leader will share with us 5 Rhythms, which is a form of meditative movement, as well as other forms of ecstatic dance like contact improvisation.
The ambiance of the Gypsy Fairy Camp is characterized by dance flags, hoops, jewelry, color and music. We will provide a comfortable music environment powered by a solar generator consisting of small speakers and turntables.
The Gypsy Fairy Camp will be a colorful and transformative
experience for all who are fortunate to stumble upon our encampment within the larger enchanted electric forest.

Fiber Forest

The idea for fiber forest happened in Denver, CO with some friends. They had quite a few miniature fiber optic “trees”. We all got the idea to take a few hundred of these mini fiber optic trees and put them on small poles of varying heights in order to create larger bushes and trees of varying heights to make our own electric forest. Needless to say it was absolutely amazing and we want to do it on a larger scale with thousands of people who will appreciate it. We would welcome any and all festival goers into our site to frolic or just have a look. The fibers have a very soft feel to them and when coordinated correctly create mind blowing visuals along with the soft feel of running through a wheat field. I want people to experience my ideas and to have a forest to enjoy when they are in the campgrounds.

Morphin Alfa’s HQ

My team and I will be constructing a power rangers themed home for the weekend. With my company Right Brain Entertainment supplying music and the ablitly to come and morph with our right brain rangers. It will bring a creative and high energy zin to the camp site. I have been designing the HQ for the last month or so that our camping HQ will morph into a plush and creative home for the team and fellow foresters to relax and enjoy the HQ. I am planning on getting a supply of paint so that the piece can be an art piece by the end of the weekend. My goal of this project is to tap into my right brain while constructing the piece and also give an abstract inspiration to others to not only think, but to put your creations into action. I look to inspire others to have a plan and use their creative sides.

Electric Zoolander’s Den

Zoolander theme complete with the first official Electric Forest Model Runway. All campers can strut their stuff and show off their finest festy garb, we’ll be there to snap pics and videotape. The vibe of EF makes it impossible to “over-do” the color scape flamboyancy of the site–just imagine the kind of madness it will produce. Strange & spectacular & psychedelic. We will spin “Relax” for campers’ runs, announce a play by play, flip scores at a judges table, eventually crown the 2013 EF Zoolander when finalists meet for a grand finale runway showdown.

Camp Shambhala

A place where you can always come for healing, meditation, a short rejuvenating massage , or just to sit and chill underneath the bright colors of our billowing tapestries. Our goal is to provide healing, friendship, and just a serene, quiet place to get away from it all for a second or two.
You would be drawn from a distance by the bright colors of our moon totem, a mirage of colors in a sea of tents. Once you have found your way through the twisted maze of silver, blue, and black, you will be enthralled, hypnotized; by the swirling, ever growing art painted across our van, by our India-inspired handmade shelters, you will want to have a seat on our comfy floor cushions and be enveloped by the peace and harmony around you.