Your invitation to shape The Forest with contests, art, and more!

The best part of Electric Forest is found in things we build and experience with each other – and Plug In is your opportunity to build something even bigger.  From art and community projects, to campsite décor and new adventures of all kinds, the experience of The Forest can be an inspiration to offer your magic to the world. Growing together is important to us – everything each member of the Forest Family does, big or small, shapes the festival.

The PLUG IN Program was built in this spirit – with many ways for you to jump in and touch The Forest in ways you’ve been dreaming about.

During the past four years, Foresters have seen PLUG IN activated across the spectrum of the festival experience – awarding festival ninjas the opportunity to soar over the event with a headlining artist, elevating a creative soul to be the King or Queen of The Forest, granting stage time to little-known acts, partnering with artists to manifest their first large-scale festival installation, and so much more:

Let’s make it happen again!

The Forest Blog will be updated with participation highlights, recap galleries, and many opportunities to learn more about what we do. The Front Page features our achievements, and will host new opportunities to engage with the 2015 Season!

Whether we end up in staff shirts or body paint, we are proud to create together.  Our ideas are overflowing, but no one knows what you would like to do better than you. This is a support network for creativity. If you’re ready to make some magic with a contest, art piece, performance, etc. stay tuned! The PLUG IN Program will be growing in size and calling in submissions all the way up to the festival.

And if you have an idea you feel is irresistible, let us know! Email Contests(at)ElectricForestFestival.com with subject line: “Plug In Idea”. Please limit your message explaining your idea to 150 words or less. Longer messages may not get a reply because we receive so many!