Electric Forest Festival


Electric Forest’s PLUG IN Program is your invitation to shape The Forest with contests, art, and more!

The best part of Electric Forest is found in things we build and experience with each other.  From art and community projects, to campsite décor and new adventures of all kinds, memories are created which help push us forward and shape us as people. Growing together is important to us, and everything you do at Electric Forest, big or small, shapes the festival. The PLUG IN program has many ways for you to jump in the game and have a real effect on what is to come.

During the past three years, Foresters have seen PLUG IN activated with programs like The Hoop Troupe, The King & Queen, and Beats Antique’s Mayhem Marching Band.This year, past projects are returning with improvements, and new experiences are forming from ideas that come from all directions.

The Forest Blog will be updated with contest entry highlights, posts from installation artists, interviews with people involved in the program, and updates from members of the Forest UnMEDIAted community. The “Plug In Programs” dropdown above will list current opportunities to engage, and you can see what we’ve achieved already on the Past Programs Page.

Whether we end up in staff shirts or body paint, we are proud to create together.  Our ideas are overflowing, but no one knows what you would like to do better than you. Many of the contests are designed to be a support network for creativity.  If you have ideas on how to improve The Forest – a contest, art piece, gallery, or project that you would like to see – stay tuned!  The PLUG IN program will be growing in size all the way up to the festival.

Let’s make it happen!



The Plug In Program is a collaboration between Madison House Presents and I Dreamt Last Night.