Presenting PULSE – The Installation Sponsorship Champion

Mar. 24th, 2014


About Pulse…

Since the beginning of time, humans around the world have shared stories of enchanted forests with supernatural powers, mythical creatures, and an environment shaped by wishes and dreams. In these stories, the ‘forest’ is often a living creature in it’s own right, a creature whose spirit and energy are shaped by the influence of man.

Sherwood Forest is indeed a mysterious, enchanting, and supernatural entity. The spirit, or pulse, of the forest is a reflection of the the energy it receives from visitors wandering under its branches and discovering its many secrets.

At Electric Forest 2014, The Hypnopompic Team will invite the spirit of the forest to a 15 foot cube, suspended among the tree tops, and containing a matrix of over 7000 programmable LEDs.

Titled “PULSE”, the cube’s display will be created by a network of energy sensors throughout the forest that will be activated in surprising ways. The fluctuations detected throughout the energy network will be used to evolve and transform the installation.

Our goal is to not only provide a mesmerizing display of colorful animations, but to do so in a way that allows the people in the forest to see the direct effects our collective energy has on the forest’s ‘spirit’.

About Hypnopompic…

Hypnopompic are all active members of, a local hackerspace focused on creativity and community projects in Louisville, KY.

EF14Pulse-JoeJoe P.
The idea man, python programmer, and driving force behind this project. Joe’s responsible for creating projects like Fire Breathing Robot Ponies, Candy launching jack-o-lanterns, and 3D scanning systems built from trashed electronics. He rocks a pretty kick ass mohawk as well.

EF14Pulse-AaronAaron V.
Rocks the CNC router, Rocks the 3D printer, and Rocks CAD programs. Programs in just about language except Java and C. His latest projects involved connecting an oven to internet and building machines to launch shot glasses through the air and into cups purely to enhance the perfection of your jager bomb.

EF14Pulse-JonCJon C.
Music Festival fanatic with a passion for LED light displays and LED clothing that’s only challenged by his desire to collect data and automate the world. Most of his recent projects involve LED suits/items to wear at music festivals, creating AI systems to monitor activity, and constructing flying billboards out of balloons filled with…yep..LEDs. Check him out at

EF14Pulse-TylerTyler M.
A Doctoral student of electrical engineering at the University of Louisville and a master of FPGA programming. With a hand in all projects he often tends to be the one that keeps everyone on target and projects completed on time.

EF14Pulse-JynnJynn S.
With her inherent artistic talents and and eye for aesthetics Jynn brings a much needed component to any of the groups projects. She continually transforms our projects from piles of cables, electronics, and duct tape into aesthetically intriguing works of art.

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