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The Duke of Electric Forest Recaps!

Jan. 8th, 2013

Tim Wu, also known as one of the lost kittehs of Electric Forest, or the Duke of Electric Forest, published a recap of his experience at the event last year.

“A few weeks after making our decision, we found out the Electric Forest organizers had launched their first ever King & Queen contest. With a “Sure, why not?” shrug, Snow Leopard and I entered the contest with our 90-second video submission. While we didn’t win, our “Where the Wild Things Are” inspired animal onesies video snagged us the titles of Duke and Duchess of the Electric Forest.
To follow through with some royal duties, Snow Leopard and I brought along gift kits comprised of 200 feline tails (100 leopard/100 tiger), a case of a few hundred ear plugs to gift out to sleep-deprived festival goers, and stacks of Hello Kitty & dinosaur tattoos to put on passed out festival attendees”

Read more on his blog!